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Aluminum 2117 Alloy UNS A92117

Welding of aluminium / aluminum 2117 alloy can be performed using TIG or MIG methods. It is recommended that the filler rod be of the same alloy. Forging should be carried out 521343C 970650F. Likewise annealing should be performed at 412C 775F for 3 h followed by controlled cooling at 10C 50 F/h down to 260C 500 F.

2117 2117T4, AlCu2.5Mg , 3.1305 Aluminum ::

To achieve this temper, the metal is solution heattreated and naturally aged. 2117 is the Aluminum Association AA designation for this material. In European standards, it will be given as EN AW2117. Additionally, the EN chemical designation is AlCu2,5Mg. The British Standard BS designation is 2L69. The AFNOR French designation is AU2G.

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en aw 2117 aluminium austria. zl101 aluminium south korea. 2.4125 alloy germany. cw509l relay. qai5 hexagonal copper rod. ... cm001 1 t6 aluminium malawi. Cases .

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EN AW2117, EN, EN 5733, Aluminium and aluminium alloys Chemical composition and form of wrought products Part 3: Chemical composition, EN 13012, Aluminium and aluminium alloys Drawn wire Part 2: Mechanical properties, EN 17153, Aluminium and aluminium alloys Drawing stock Part 3: Specific requirements for mechanical uses excluding welding, EN 486, Aluminium and aluminium ...

Guidelines for aluminium material

en aw1050a: o: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx9: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx8: 229: 23,5: 645: 658: 69: 59,5: en aw1050a: hx6: 229 ...

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Aluminium Alloys: CrossReference Table of Designation Standards. There is a lot of different aluminium alloys as well as designation standards that are used depending on countries, company39s traditions and engineering practices.


aluminium alloys 4 min or max values acc. to en standard denomination uni en 573 temper rm mpa rp 0.2 mpa a hbw extruded t6 310 230 8 100 t6 295 195 6 95 320 270 10 95

United Aluminum Aluminum Specifications and Cross Reference

The aluminum specification chart below provides a crossreference of various forms of aluminum to some more commonly used specifications. United Aluminums Sales Department and talented metallurgy staff are available to assist you with any questions you may have on specifications applicable to aluminum coil and aluminum strip.