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3.4365 Aluminium zinc alloy at Meusburger

3.4365 hardened, highstrength aluminium zinc alloy with good properties for structureetching, as well as good machinability, EDM and polishing properties Contact We are gladly available for you from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00.

3.4365 Germany, DIN,WNr Worldwide equivalent grades

3.4365 Germany, DIN, WNr European EU, EN and wordwide equivalent grades. Aluminium and aluminium alloys. These comparison table is only intended as an indication of the closest khown equivalent grades. The source standarts should always be checked for the specific purpose for each material, in case of doubt.


3.4365 Material properties: Highstrength aluminiumzinc alloy with outstanding machining properties, good polishability and good erodibility. Uses: Application in injection moulds for a small number of shots, e.g. prototype mould Polishing: Is possible Graining: Is possible, it is advised to make a trial in advance Nitriding: not usual

Alloy 3.4365 EN AW 7075 Aluminium

Alloy 3.4365 EN AW 7075 Aluminium. / EN DIN AISI UNS BS AFNOR GOST 3.4365 / EN AW7075 AlZn5,5MgCu Products . Strips / foils. Sheets / plates ...

Material data sheet 3.4365 / EN AW 7075 Chemical composition ...

Microsoft Word 3.4365 Author: JG Created Date: 12/6/2012 4:04:42 PM ...

3.4365 Germany Aluminium alloy equivalent grades

Grade 3.4365 V95 95 Aluminium wrought alloys V95 95 , V95 95 All Equivalent Grades chemical composition, mechanical and technological ...

Metals Processing Measurements Continuous Casting NDC ...

Continuous Casting. Overcome Mechanical Issues in Obtaining Accurate Length and Speed Measurements. Accurately measuring the length and speed on continuous slab, billet and bloom casters has been very difficult due to a number of mechanical system challenges, such as heat, scale buildup and the deterioration of mechanical parts.

Continuous Bloom, Beam Blank and Billet Casters Steel Plantech

It is a page of the detail of Continuous Bloom, Beam Blank and Billet Casters of Steel Plantech.Design, manufacturing, installation, sales and aftersales servicing of steelmaking machinery, nonferrous metal producing machinery, and cokemaking machinery as well as related equipment for use in Japan and overseas

Aluminium Continuous Casting Process Control NDC Technologies

Continuous Casting. Control Continuous Length, Cut Length, Length Verification and More for Continuous Quality. Because of its many economic advantages, continuous casting offers significant process opportunities for reducing the cost of manufacturing of aluminum rolled products such as flat rolled sheet and foil in building, consumer can and automotive applications, to name a few.

Continuous Casting an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Continuous casting is widely used in steel plants, and is also one of the candidates for MAbearing metal fuel slugs. This process eliminates the need to use molds. KAERI produced a uranium rod with a uniform diameter of 13.7 mm and a length of 2.3 m. 57 The continuous casting of UZr alloy slugs with a smaller diameter is under way.

US20020117290A1 Method and apparatus for continuous casting ...

In other words, in the method and apparatus, central defects are to be eliminated first by identifying the solidifying conditions in the full range from the meniscus the surface position of the upper portion of molten metal to the crater end a final solidification position, based on the type profile of continuous casting machine, type of ...

What Is The Continuous Casting Process MetalTek

Continuous cast products can offer cost advantages over other types of casting if the optimum quantity, shaping, and sizes are chosen. Advantages of Continuous Casting Ability to cast regular shapes and certain irregular configurations in long tubular form, which is difficult for other casting methods.


fluid flow in the continuous casting mold are, among others, the casting speed, electromagnetic stirring location, intensity and frequency, SEN location, meniscus level, mold sizing and the solidified shell. Understanding how the controllable casting parameters affect fluid flow in the strand is an essential first step in optimizing the process.

Mikron Tool CrazyMill Cool 030913 EUROTEC

continuous shredding of chips. Hence the milling area remains free ... 3.4365 AlZnMgCu1.5 / EN AW7075 7075 0.055 Aluminum alloy cast 3.2163 GDAlSi9Cu3 A380 gt 60


3.4365 AlZnMgCu15 ASTM B143 1A 1705 CuSn10Zn H5111 BC3 Aluminum alloy with high mechanical resistance and high resistance to fatigue it has good resistance to corrosion. Used as a structural component in the aeronautical, automotive, metalworking industries, and in the manufacture of plastic blow molds.

Continuous casting mould tube: tapered to your specifications

Continuous casting mould tube: maintenance and refurbishment Maintenance and care of your continuous casting mould tube will increase its lifespan and enhance overall quality and productivity. Each copper mold tube is a financially viable option that will last for many heats with our range of aftercare and refurbishment services.

Continious casting of steel SlideShare

10. Ladle amp turret Steel from EAF or BOF is tapped into a ladle and taken to the continuous casting platform. The ladle is raised into a turret that rotate the ladle into the casting position above the tundish. 11. Tundish Shroud Turbo blower Mono block Stopper rod SEN It is a container which collects liquid steel from ladle through shroud.