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Monte Baldo

This is just a survey on what Monte Baldo, the mountain range towering above Vallagarina Valley and Alto Garda zone and being an ideal location for mountain walking, trekking, mountain bike excursions, is offering with its hiking trails and mountain shelters.

Mountain shelters on Monte Baldo

rifugio damiano chiesa altissimoAlpine hut DAMIANO CHIESA ALL'ALTISSIMO (altitude m. 2059)
The shelter is situated on the mount peak of Monte Altissimo di Nago. From 1st June to 30th September it’s open all days, in other periods of the year open on week-end, especially when weather’s keeping up. 35 sleeping accommodations in 5 rooms, 90 seats at the restaurant.
Tel 0464 867130.

rifugio fos ceAlpine hut FOS-CE (altitude m. 1430)
The shelter is located on eastern side of Bocca di Navene, on the lane climbing up from San Valentino to Bocca del Creer, at Altissimo mountains’ feet. It’s open from the beginning of June to the end of September, in other periods of the year open on week-end. It’s famous especially for its cookery serving typical dishes following regional Trentino tradition. You can reach it by car and leave this starting point for many excursions in the Bes-Corna Piana wildlife reserve. 8 sleeping accommodations in one room, 40 seats at the restaurant (+80 seats outside).
Tel 0464 391450.

rifugio malga campeiAlpine hut MALGA CAMPEI (altitude m. 1469)
You can reach this shelter on a lane leaving Festa di Brentonico and going through the beech grove of Oche hamlet. It’s an ideal starting point for excursions to the still quite unexplored area of Monte Baldo in order to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view. Outstanding quality of recreation and restaurant. 15 sleeping accommodations in one room and 30 seats at the restaurant.

rifugi monte baldoAlpine hut MONTE BALDO (altitude m. 1180)
The Monte Baldo shelter arises on the lovely peak “Snow Madonna” in a strategic position for innumerable excursions like the well equipped fixed rope route “Gerardo Sega”, the culmination of Monte Baldo and the “Giro delle Malghe”. It’s open from eastern to November, at Christmas on demand. 58 sleeping accommodations in 20 rooms, restaurant with 3 refectories and a total of 100 seats.
Tel 0464 391553.

Mountain Bike excursions on Monte Baldo

percorsi mtb monte baldoThe Monte Baldo, owing to his dominant position above Vallagarina valley and the Alto Garda zone, is considered a paradise for mountain bikers: It’s not just for chance that tourists from whole Italy and Europe are coming here, the mountain is covered and permeated by a dense grid of bikeways and bicycle tours to discover and to attain by mountain bike, a trip to discover nature with its multifarious alpine flora that can be found only in this viewy corner of Trentino region.

These are the routes:

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