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Fidelity Program

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Fidelity program: Discover and request your AZZURRO CLUB VACANZE CARDS

Are you looking for a really special gift for someone? Purchase the Azzurro Club Vacanze Gift Card and make a holiday present! You can request the gift card by clicking the “register” button here above and decide about the amount you want to donate. Please fill in the name of the person to whom you desire to make the present and the address to which the card is to be sent.

What is the Azzurro Club Vacanze Gift Card?

card 1) The gift card is a prepaid gift certificate which can be honored in all hotels belonging to the Azzurro Club Vacanze Group.

2) The gift card can be purchased by filling in the request web form on our website or by getting on to our booking centre.

3) The gift card can be topped up with any amount you desire, from a minimum of € 100,00 to a maximum of € 5000,00, and the credit is not submitted to any expiration date.

4) The holder of the gift card can settle his holiday expenses directly in the hotel on check-out passing to account the credit on his card. An eventually remaining amount can be settled in any further stay.

5) In case the holiday expenses should exceed the credit topped up to the gift card, the residual sum can be paid with any other means of payment preferred by the gift card holder.

6) The amount topped on the gift card is non-refundable in any way.

7) Ownership and property law of the gift card devolve from the acquirer to the beneficiary of the gift from the time when the card is purchased.

8) The gift card is not transferable and cannot be sold to third parties.

How to make the card become effective: after having required your gift card, please be so kind as to make a bank wirement for the benefit of Azzurro Club Vacanze of the amount desired (from € 100,00 to € 5000,00). In the payment reference we kindly ask you to mention the card beneficiary’s name. Subsequently we would appreciate being informed about the executed credit transfer in order to make forward the gift card to the beneficiary as quickly as possible.


Azzurro Card Club

The Azzurro Club Card throughout every stay tops up 3% of your actual holiday expenses. This credit can be passed to account during a further stay for any extra purchases. Moreover, all holders of this card anytime get a special price reduction in our Trovatore Restaurant in Venice.

Costa del Sole Platinum Card

This card is reserved to our regular guests who since more than 5 years regularly spend at least one day of their holidays a year in one of our hotels. The holders of this card anytime get a 15% price reduction of list prices, even if they make their reservation on very short notice. Moreover, the Platinum Card holders are not obligated to confirm their reservation with a down payment. If you belong to those who are entitled to having this card, you can request it by sending an e-mail to

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