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Brentonico High Plain

eventi polsa brentonicoThe Brentonico high plain, situated on the northern ridge of Monte Baldo, is the gateway to Trentino Alto Adige, the first ski resort for who’s arriving from south. Just 25 km afar from Rovereto, the Polsa, San Valentino, and San Giacomo resorts provide about 40 km ski slopes which due to a large number of most efficient snow machines always are perfectly prepared. Especially for kids and for beginners appropriate training areas are available, and facilities for renting all necessary ski equipment on location as well as local skiing schools make the village being an ideal place for everybody eager to get in touch with winter sports while contemporarily demanding the highest level of safety. For keen snowboard fans there was established an extraordinary Snow Park with night-time lightening. If you’re looking for entertainment and adventure, the Brentonico high plain expects you to explore the new Adventure Park, a climbing park with all features for sky-high acrobatics, harmoniously enclosed in the “Polsada” countryside of woods …

Nature, history, sports and gastronomy scene

eventi polsa brentonicoYou will never get rid of discovering all treasures hidden in the gains of Vallagarina, valley divided by the Adige river flowing through between Trento and Verona. Within radius of a few kilometers, a spectacular panorama view pleases your eyes: the peaks of Baldo-Trentino, ideal destination for a holiday in the mountains together with the whole family, Rovereto city with its artistic and culture scene, Val di Gresta valley imbedded in the quietness of unhurried country life and caressed by a breeze from the Garda Lake, Vallarsa valley where you can make stupendous walking tours along the History Path, picturesque castles nestling between thoroughly collocated vineyards in the bottom valley. Here, along the valley plain, runs the bikeway “Adige” which connects the Garda Lake and Verona province with the Alto Adige region. Thousands of cycle tourists follow this lane, near to the lake and surrounded by the vineyard landscape. Alongside the “country road of wine and tastes” 24 wineries and distilleries are expecting excursionists for a tasting break.

eventi polsa brentonicoReferring to physical activity, we suggest the POLSA TENNIS CAMP,where you can play tennis, go riding, and practice archery. Should you prefer walking in high altitude, the mountains around are like a history book where to discover the paths signed by first world war, scout the moats, explore fortifications and artillery garrisons. Trekkers can participate in discovery excursions, organized by the Tourist Information Bureau ATP in collaboration with the Italian Museum of War History, and can explore the mountains of southern Trentino under the special guidance of a mountain guide and a historian. Every Saturday from 4th July to 29th August is confirmed the appointment on the “Historical Paths” of the region. In May and June excursions along the “Flower Path” regularly take place, here you can study the more than 500 species of plants and flowers endemics on Monte Baldo. For both types of excursion is obligatorily requested an application at the APT. During the summer months July and August there is available a free bus shuttle service between Brentonico and the aerial passenger line Malcesine Monte Baldo running on Tuesdays and Fridays (reservation is recommended).

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